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community - The public euRobotics AISBL mailing list

Subject: The public euRobotics AISBL mailing list

Welcome to the mailinglist of euRobotics (, the European robotics association.

Posting a message is done by sending it to this email address:

This mailinglist is used for dissemination of technical, academic, industrial, educational and practical information about robotics research, development, innovation and business in general, and about the activities of euRobotics in particular.

The first lines of messages should clearly indicate the relevance of the message to roboticists. Product announcements, or announcements with a focus on computer vision, machine learning, mechatronics, sensor fusion, reasoning, planning, etc., will be rejected: while these topics are definitely somewhere relevant for robotics, our members who want to be informed about these generic technologies or about commercial products will find that information via other mailing lists or company business channels.

You have to subscribe before you can post. Posts are moderated, primarily to prevent spam and sales communication, but also to make sure that messages are explicitly targeting robotics researchers, users, professionals or industries. So please allow for some delays between posting a message and seeing it appear on the list. Because each message is sent to thousands of addresses, t he list's policy is to keep message below 20kb, text-only, and not to accept figures, attachments, or heavy HTML style formatting. So, please make use of links to webpages in your posting if you need to convey a lot of information.

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